GAS IT Bottles kits with Bluetooth or Mechanical gas level indicators

Pre-Selected GAS IT Bottle Kits

Pre-Selected GAS IT Bottle Kits

GAS IT Bottles available from Dragon Products

Whist you can build up your own custom GAS IT bottle kits using the parts from different sections of our Dragon Products web shop, we've also put together a selection of GAS IT Bottle kit options here for the person who just wants to click, pay and go with a few button presses.

It is always worth spending a little time making sure the pre-built kits you choose include everything you need, and nothing more. If the kit listings are not what you need then simply choose your own kit of parts as you want.
If your going abroad don't forget to purchase your European fillpoint adaptor kit listed here on the Dragon Products webshop so you can refill your GAS IT bottles in the countries you are visiting as the kits we list only include UK fillpoints. The European adaptors can be found in the 'UK Fillpoint Adaptors' category.  Also consider buying a GAS IT vapour filter to help protect your regulator
When buying twin refillable bottle kits, we always recommend using either our GAS IT Manual 'T' or Auto change over units, which both use 2 pigtails permanently fixed to the outlet of both your bottles, so no tools are needed to swap from one bottle to the other when a bottle runs out of gas.
Thank you to GAS IT for allowing us to use their YouTube Video.
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